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loan sharks online

loan sharks online


legal loan sharks


how to find a legal loan shark looking for fast cash with no questions asked there are legitimate ways to get it if you're willing to pay the consequences you will need a credit card with unused credit a tax refund a car a small loan company a signature loan company or a payday loan step 1 if you have a low interest credit card you haven't maxed out consider taking a cash advance but check your interest rate first some are as high as 33% step 2 at tax time you can get a refund anticipation loans from some tax preparers just realize you'll be forfeiting about 10 percent of your refund check just to get the cash a couple of weeks earlier step 3 get what is known as a car title pawn if you can stomach an annual interest rate of up to 360 percent the amount you can borrow is way less than the value of your car but you get to keep driving it unless you miss a payment step 4 borrow money from a licensed small loan company or head to a signature loan company which won't require you to put up any collateral both could charge you up to 48 percent in annual interest if you are a member of the military don't resort to high interest lenders before finding out if your branch of the armed services offers financial help step 5 secure a payday loan a cash advance against your paycheck but check your local law at find a loan shark others don't which explains why the average annual interest rate on these loans is a whopping four hundred sixty percent did you know 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck making them vulnerable to predatory lenders

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